Sacred Care for Self, Others, Humanity & Earth

Sacred Care for Self, Others, Humanity & EarthSacred Care for Self, Others, Humanity & Earth


Sandy Hinden

Our Sacred Earth Center grew out of my lifelong experiences with studying, practicing and teaching meditation for almost 50 years, and for my work for the Earth for all those years. This is how my love for nature grew.      

     When I was a little child, I lived near the Bronx Zoo.  I would go there each month to feed the animals.  Elephants' trunks would gently take hard bread from my hand to place in their mouths. Deer nibbled little pieces from the palm of my hand.  I came to love all the animals there. It was a healing place for me. 

    Then, in the sixth grade, my class went on a trip to the United Nations in Manhattan.  I loved the open space in the lobby and the General Assembly, and after discovering the United Nations Meditation Room,  I would visit it each year as a teen and young adult. 

    I then began my career helping people and nature by helping my neighborhood garden in my 30s.  I am now in my 70s.   

    In the 1980s, I working near the UN in a non-governmental organization (NGO) and would help the United Nations Environment Program.  I founded Universal Children's Gardens and was the source for the idea for the Concert for the Earth in 1984 at the UN.  

    I had met and worked with two great leaders for the world, Dr. Robert Muller of the UN, and Rev. Thomas Berry, an ecological priest.  They both also loved nature and humanity. They were very encouraging and supportive of my efforts for peace, Earth & humanity.

    I then worked for three years on creating the Metropolitan Peace Museum for the NYC metro area, and helped affiliate 50 peace museums worldwide with the UN as the International Network of Museum for Peace

    Over many years, I wrote 7 Keys to Love ~ Opening Love's Door to Joy & Wellbeing, including a chapter on agape, universal love, love for nature, God, humanity and the world.

    My sense of the sacred grew to a reverence for the Source of all the energy in the Creation-Universe, and gratitude for our Sun, Earth, Nature and Life.

    Today, I work on creating the Commonwealth for Earth & Humanity, the Earth Solutions Project and Systems Thinking for a Sustainable Planet.  They are part of the core curriculum of our Sacred Earth Center for peace and sustainability.  

   I meditate each day and pray for healing of Earth, and the wise evolution of humanity.  

    I love all the activists trying to help our world.  May they never give-up and may our wonderful Earth and humanity thrive!

    I enjoy helping all people and nature.  I hope the Sacred Earth Center will be a place for all people to heal their hearts, and keep working to create a wise, peaceful, sustainable and thriving civilization on Earth. 


~ Sandy Hinden