Sacred Care for Self, Others, Humanity & Earth

Sacred Care for Self, Others, Humanity & EarthSacred Care for Self, Others, Humanity & Earth

The Earth Solutions Project (E.S.P.)


You can join a Wikipedia-like participatory system 

where experts, researchers and the general public are involved in Crowd Research on 30 important problems that need solutions 

to create a sustainable, thriving planet. 

We need curiosity, exploration, 

adventurous thinking, creative thinking, seeking solutions 

and new ideas for 30 solutions that can add-up to 

creating a sustainable, thriving world.

You can save the full Earth Solutions Project program

Earth Solutions Project 2020 (pdf)


Some Reflections About Life on Earth


Evolve Rapidly or Perish

  • After 200,000 years of human evolution, if humans do not become rapidly wiser and more conscious, compassionate, collaborative and co-creative, they will become extinct as they destroy the environment and each other.
  • Without humans on Earth, it will take 5,000,000 years for the Earth to be restored to what it was like before the industrial era.  
  • Will Earth be better off if humans are extinct?


The Earth Solutions Project

  • There are so many groups vying for their own interests.
  • Groups of all sizes, shapes and colors: nationalities, religions, races, genders, sexual orientations, political parties, classes, economic levels, social status, status of education.
  • They can’t or won’t collaborate with others to save the planet.
  • So who will save the planet? 
  • Teams working on 30 different global problems in the Earth Solutions Project (E.S.P.).
  • Can Artificial Intelligence be used for the Earth Solutions Project?


Dysfunctional Politics and People

  • Humans are heading for extinction because the greedy won’t stop trying to make more and more money, at the expense of nature and the impoverishment of humanity. 
  • The greedy are often addicted to money, and can get lost in power, privilege, status and luxury.   
  • Many humans are just selfish liars in many forms. 
  • From petty criminals, to religious fanatics, to business con-artists. 
  • Lacking social consciousness, some rich people seek to move to other countries or just move their money into tax havens in other countries to avoid paying taxes that allow effective governments to invest in effective public goods.
  • If there are too many problems to be solved, with a lack of conscious collaboration, wisdom and co-creativity, humans will drift into being a dysfunctional, deteriorating planet.  
  • The Earth and humanity are now suffering greatly.
  • There are many greedy, corrupt, terrible national leaders. 
  • We have a dysfunctional international organization at the United Nations, that is filled with spies, where all the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council compete to sell weapons, that causes global conflict and global migration, leading to the rise of hatred and reactionary politics nationally and worldwide. 
  • Human life has always been developed around sex, money and power. 
  • With the addition of 24/7 television, internet media, social media and cell phones, it is easy to capture people’s attention with stories about sex, money and power, and turn consumers into competing camps such as the sexually free vs. the moralists, rich elites vs. the rest of humanity, and weapons dealers vs. humanitarians. 
  • With national governments divided internally and externally into political competing camps - who don't solve global problems - the world is drifting to chaos and climate catastrophe.
  • Political parties have become enemy camps. 
  • Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultra-nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy. 
  • Fascism arises when the many problems in society go unsolved for too long. 
  • Corrupt, dictatorial leaders, are madmen lost in their own arrogance. 
  • They are willing to let the world overheat as they live in air-conditioned luxury. 
  • Hostility in politics and social media is not helping humans solve problems because it makes the brain defensive. 
  • Donald Trump, and other dysfunctional leaders, act out their childhood trauma. Hurt people, hurt people. as they become super-competitive and cruel. 
  • Many politicians around the world are unable to solve problems. 
  • Many people are selfish, corrupt and heartless.  
  • They have no spiritual and ethical compass to guide them. 
  • Their religions can become houses of self-worship and selfishness. 
  • How can we create a sustainable world when the status quo refuses to change to become honest, authentic and wiser? 
  • For thousands of years, humans have had the potential for acting out of their Lower-Self of competition, coldness, brutality, foolishness and addictions, or their Higher-Self of collaboration, kindness, peace, wisdom and wellness.  
  • The choice is ours to cultivate, from generation to generation.
  • The archetype of Power - Domination has taken over our age in violent video games and feature films. 
  • This will only lead to world destruction as humans are unable to collaborate to solve world problems before it is too late.
  • We need to cultivate people who are friendly, wise, conscious, compassionate, collaborative and co-creative.


GOOD Government

  • Governments are stuck competing politically rather than solving problems.
  • Government employees may become affected by the cynicism of politics, forget they are being paid by taxpayer revenue, and have disdain for the public who seeks their help. 
  • We need good governance and problem-solving at all levels of government.
  • We need the Earth Solutions Project to solve 30 global problems facing all of humanity.


Beyond Ineffective Leaders

  • Many people just want to preserve their position of wealth and privilege. 
  • They are unwilling to help the rest of humanity and put an end to the carbon economy destroying the Earth. 
  • Donald Trump constantly brags and makes exaggerated statements about himself, and communicates falsehoods, hate and venomous bitterness about others.
  • He generates a shared psychosis - mass hysteria among his irrational followers, who buy hats and shirts to show their forever belonging to his cult-like organization. 
  • The Russian leadership brags about developing hyper-sonic nuclear missiles that can’t be stopped. 
  • The Brazilian leadership is allows the Amazon rain-forests to be burned down. 
  • The Indian leadership does little to solve its air pollution, poor management of waste, growing water scarcity, falling groundwater tables, water pollution, lack of preservation and quality of forests, biodiversity loss, and land/soil degradation.  
  • The Chinese leadership allows intellectual property theft. 
  • The United States leadership is destroying its environmental programs. 
  • Many humans are often foolish, addicted, self-centered, selfish, and addicted to being competitive and gaining more and more wealth.
  • Many do nothing to help society, the common good and the planet. 
  • The world appears to be dying because so many humans are so competitive, ignorant and selfish.
  • The Earth needs enlightened leadership and people to wisely collaborate to create a sustainable, thriving planet. 


Expressing Human Values and Needs to Solve Problems

  • People hold different values and have different needs. 
  • They need to be civil with each other to discuss them with each other intelligently, rationally and creatively to find solutions and alternatives. 
  • To find solutions, to help fulfill human needs, will require people respectfully sharing concerns, values and facts.
  • With respectful conversation, the brain works less defensively, and is more open to thinking rationally and creatively. 
  • Creative and practical solutions can then be found.


Systems Thinking and Global Organizing to Solve global Problems

  • Investigative reporters try to expose the corruption, greed and oppression.
  • The people are try to organize and take action against the ignorance, greed and oppression destroying Earth and humanity.  
  • We need Systems Thinking Education for children, teens and adults to create Earth Solutions.
  • The Earth Solutions Project welcomes your participation and collaboration to find the 30 solutions that will lead to a sustainable, thriving planet Earth. 
  • You can contact