Sacred Care for Self, Others, Humanity & Earth

Sacred Care for Self, Others, Humanity & EarthSacred Care for Self, Others, Humanity & Earth

Honoring Your Sacred Earth Care

Earth, our planet, is suffering. 

Those of us who care, are suffering with Earth. 

We love the Earth. It is our beloved home.

The Sacred Earth Center 

is here to help us heal and feel

self-compassion, self-forgiveness, self-kindness, 

gratitude and gentle happiness. 

We can then share these feelings with others 

and sustain our work to help Earth 

heal and be sustainable.

You Can Save The Sacred Earth Center Slideshow

Sacred Earth Center 2020 (pdf)


We Love Our Planet Earth

Sacred Earth Center Is Here For You

Dear Friend of Earth, 

     We all care so much about our wonderful living planet Earth.  So many of us are worried and grieving about the future of life on Earth for future generations. 

     We cannot understand why global leaders will not act to take care of Earth. To hold onto foolish thinking about ever-expanding growth and profits on a finite planet, makes no sense to us. To keep adding carbon and methane to the air, plastic to the ocean, and chemicals to the water we drink – seems to us, like they have lost their minds, wisdom and a sense of the sacredness of life on a living planet. 

    The Sacred Earth Center is here for you.  We will keep adding resources for you, and be here to help you heal your heart and mind.  

    We encourage you to take action to make the world a better place while staying in a peaceful, loving space within.  

    You will then be able to sustain your efforts over the long-run to transform the structures and systems of the world for the common good and nature. 

    I hope you enjoy slide show of the Sacred Earth Center. You can save a PDF of it by clicking the download above..  If you have questions about meditation, journaling or better thinking patterns, feel free to contact me at  

    We have many helpful ideas and practices for you on Your Sacred Self page 

and projects to help you create a thriving evolved Earth civilization on Our Sacred Earth page.        

    Each day we can practice being mindfully aware that all the drama, conflict and chaos created by disturbed people, leaders and media can capture and hold our attention. We can then can develop, and keep returning to, more helpful thinking, serenity and wisdom about what we can’t change and what we can seek to change. 

     When we return to taking good care of ourselves each day with self-compassion, self-forgiveness and self-kindness, and taking action in the direction of our values, needs and interests, our life is more meaningful, purposeful, and filled with more gratitude and gentle happiness.

    When we share our wellbeing with others, as we help the world, we are doing well for Earth.

    As an expression of appreciation for your concern and care for nature and Earth, the goal of the Center is to provide this freely to all people who love nature and Earth. 

~ Sandy Hinden